Leslie 2

Leslie Vecray
Photographer / Owner

I’m Leslie and I’m the person behind the camera 🙂

I was born in Brazil, daughter of a french mum and a belgian dad, so yes, I do have a bit of an accent even though I have been living here since 2007. I used to be a Physiotherapist back in the day, I guess because I like humans and I enjoy taking care of them, but the profession wasn’t for me.
I like running, it keeps my head clear and ready for the day.

I also like beautiful things like art, colour, nature, music, light and contrast…

I am married to an Australian and have two little boys. Being a mum helped me understand a LOT of things. I get what families are all about, the chaos and the little things in between that make your eyes sparkle and your heart feel fuller.

That’s when I click.

I want you to look at the photograph and feel it all over again for years and years to come.